Kim Kardashian is nothing if not ambitious. And the reality star's latest goal should send shivers down the spine of anyone who lives in the Southern California city of Glendale. Yup, Kim K. is planning to make a run for mayor of that fair town.

She dropped this bombshell during an outtake of the E! reality show 'Khloe & Lamar.' (And if Kim can get her sister a show on a major basic cable network, who's to say she couldn't be mayor of Glendale?)

As Kim explained, she will have a leg up in the election because Glendale's population features a high percentage of her fellow Armenians. Luckily, she isn't planning on running for another five years, so that gives residents plenty of time to sell their homes.

So sorry Kim, it could have been such a fantastic political career. Still, you could always run for mayor of Twitter.

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