Reading is great for kids. Reading to animals is great for everyone.

The Keystone to Discovery After School Program in Hamilton, Montana enables kids to read to animals in a shelter one day a week at the Bitter Root Humane Association.

Keystone director Ria Overholt says it's a win-win:

It is relaxing to the dogs to hear those calm and steady voices....Dogs are a totally non-judgmental audience to read to. We've found that it does help [kids] build their reading skills and they have fun doing it."

7th grade student Grace Kravik echoes that sentiment, adding, "I love being around these dogs. I always get a good feeling from it because I know this will help them. It's also really helped me with my reading."

The shelter's manager says it's a positive experience for kids because they see up-close how the animals react and that they "have feelings too." Check out some more photos below and visit Bitter Root's Facebook page for more info.