There's something about kids eating extra sour stuff that's ridiculously cute. They wiggle, they jiggle and all bets are off when the scrunched-up face emerges. It's adorable overload at its best. What's the best way to achieve these precious results? Warheads.

A few weeks back we brought you some hilarious kids reacting to eating the super tart treat, and it took us a pretty long time to quit laughing at the little munchkins. That's why we were extra excited to have discovered yet another Warhead-eating video featuring the ultimate sour trooper, Brayden.

Right off the bat, the three-year-old gets down to business and whips out the hilariously contorted, scrunchy, spaz attack face we all know and love, and then 40 seconds rolls around. Brayden then whips out a Harlem Shake squirm with an added booty shake, and we have no idea why. Nor are we questioning -- it's just too cute!