We can’t quite figure out what it is about super sour candy that keeps us wanting more. For starters, most of these treats are enough to make our tongues tingle and cause our faces to go into full-on spaz mode. Last time we checked, that’s not exactly what we call ‘fun’. But when you’re a kid, it’s all about the insanely sour experience-- the fighting a rough-and-tough candy battle, making it through those few precious seconds of physical pain in order to get to a deliciously sweet candy center.

That’s especially true when it comes to the mother of all sour candies: Warheads. Do you remember the first time you tried a Warhead and so desperately wanted to spit the darn thing out but needed to prove how cool you were? We sure do. It induces that scrunched-up, terrifyingly contorted kind of look that somehow doesn’t deter us. In the case of these mini Warhead warriors, their determination to power through the sour side effects calls for major respect. But that doesn’t make their faces any less hilarious.

Check out some kids’ funniest reactions to eating Warheads below.

Karate Champ

Even before little Nick experiences his very first Warhead, we already think this kid is cool. He’s prepped for the tasty challenge by rocking his awesome karate outfit, so we’re positive the little guy is going to put up a tough fight. And fight he does, although mostly in silence with violent (and hysterical) fist-shaking. Even though the poor kid can’t help but struggle through it all, boy are we impressed! Those are some of the best sour faces we’ve seen!

Sour Face Hannah

Next we have cutie patootie Hannah who had us slightly concerned when we first saw her Warhead reaction. You’ll see she gets right down to business with extreme versions of the sour face, which made us wonder--is Hannah actually ok? But once the adorable kid spits the candy onto the ground, it looks like her spazzing calms down. Judging by her request for another ‘red one’ we think Hannah will make it through this one.

Impressing Mom

This little man proves to be a mega trooper in his Warhead challenge. Apparently he’s trying to prove mom wrong by showing her he’ll really like the sour stuff, and fortunately for us, he fails miserably. Although the pint-sized fighter looks like he’s on the verge of tears, the tough kid claims it’s ‘kinda good!’ But he’s not fooling anyone, especially his laughing mom--the kid’s seriously twisted facial expressions tell all!

A Shocking Taste Experience

Meet Lydia, the adorable two-year-old who can’t help but let out a few nervous giggles right before she meets her sour fate. As soon as Lydia puts the Warhead in her mouth, she just doesn’t know what to do. The tot looks pretty upset, shocked and confused by what the heck she just ate, but Lydia somehow makes that all appear ridiculously cute. Aww, can we have her?!

Tot Vs. Warhead

Within the first few moments of this video, we can tell there won’t be a good ending to this one. It’s clear this Warhead-eater is skeptical from the get-go, and he has good reason to be. He tries oh-so-hard to keep the darn thing in his mouth for more than a couple seconds, but it just doesn’t happen. What follows is the most perfect of all sour faces, spazzing eyes and all. We commend his efforts for undergoing this sweet challenge, but the kid’s just not a fan of the ‘worst stinking candy!’

Poker Face

Our last hilarious reaction belongs to a little boy who has mastered the poker face. That is, until the tiny tot actually sucks on his green apple Warhead and the sourness overtakes his entire face. Although he holds the record so far for longest-held scrunched-up sour face (we counted 20 seconds), the tough kid powers through without a single peep!

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