Sooo, this is pretty weird.

Isaac Adni is the maestro behind this song, called "I Wanna Be a Duck," in which he sings about -- you guessed it -- how much he wants to be a duck.

Most kids want to be an astronaut, an actor or a singer (wait -- he already is), but Isaac has a more difficult Kafka-esque goal in mind which he is not shy about sharing.

In the equally kitschy video, Isaac dances around in a duck suit that seems like a giant pair of jammies a little kid would wear while he belts out his duck-centric dreams:

I wanna be a duck living by the sea
Much as I like being me
They've got wings and they can fly
They can swim and so can I
And instead of growing up
I wanna be a duck
And I'll never give up until I'm a duck

Even if science has deemed becoming another creature impossible, Isaac seems determined, we'll give him that. And who knows maybe if he were to perform in concert he'd ask to be paid in bread.

The song initially comes off as grating, although we have to admit the chorus becomes catchy after the first three times you hear it.

What do you think? Is Isaac funny or is this just plain annoying?

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