We seen examples of parents using the internet to punish unruly kids before, but a dad took a decidedly low-tech approach to disciplining his son by making him carry a sign on a busy highway. Just remember, kid, this hurts us more than it hurts you. (Not really.)

After he stole $60 from his sister's wallet, 13-year-old Hunter Bearden compounded the problem by lying about it. So, dad Grover made the boy stand outside his Easley, South Carolina, taxidermy shop in the sweltering heat with a sign reading, "I like to steal, lie and disrespect others."

Not surprisingly, the boy seemed humbled by the experience. "[My dad] held back on a spanking and decided to think about the punishment with my step-mom, and I think this is working out so far, and the hot weather -- I'm worn down, and I haven't been inside but a couple minutes today," he said. "So, I'm thankful for his discipline to make me a better person."

What do you think? Was this punishment suitable or excessive?