Reading to a child is essential to their growth, and most children's books address similar topics of sharing, accepting who you are and eating your vegetables. We found some gems from the children's literature department, though, that made us pause and say WHAT?!?!

Check out eight unintentionally inappropriate children's books:

  • 'Thomas the Tank Engine'

    We're not sure exactly what "special coal" is, but you should probably just say no to it. And stay in school. And avoiding hanging out with talking trains to begin with.

  • 'SkippyJon Jones and the Big Bones'


    Just TRY not giggling while reading this one as a bedtime story. "And YOU are my skipposaurus!" We're not even going to touch the line about how he "popped a pickle in his puss."

  • 'Ira Sleeps Over'

    The FW

    Whoa, this bedtime story suddenly took a '50 Shades of Primary Colors' turn. Is the sequel to this one called 'Ira Visits The Therapist'?

  • 'Cooking With Pooh'


    All-organic recipes, we presume? We're not so sure the accompanying picture really helped clarify any confusion left by the title.

  • 'iCarly'

    The FW

    "Then they used their hands to drum on the meat. It made lots of gross noises." Luckily, the idea of playing drums on slabs of steak is as funny to your kids as where your mind went when reading this one aloud.

  • 'The Muffin Muncher'


    We imagine the artist told the dragon on the cover of "The Muffin Muncher" to "look coy." We're guessing they didn't sell many copies of this one.

  • 'Games You Can Play With Your Pussy'


    Unfortunate title aside, who'd have thought there's enough games you can play with a cat to fill an entire book?

  • 'Who Will Toss My Salad?'


    We're hoping this book isn't about the only place our mind goes when reading its title. It IS important for kids to learn the importance of gardening.