Turns out, Facebook isn't just a great way to stay in touch with friends. As an Akron, Ohio mom recently showed us, it also makes an effective tool for disciplining a teenager.

After her 13-year-old daughter was disrespectful to her via the social networking site, Denise Abbott revoked the girl's Facebook privileges and posted a new profile picture with a large "X" across her mouth.

The caption on the image read: "I do not know how to keep my [mouth shut]. I am no longer allowed on Facebook or my phone. Please ask why. My mom says I have to answer everyone that asks."

According to Abbott, she decided to use this unique form of discipline because she knew it would seriously impact her Facebook-loving daughter.

It seems to have worked. The teen explained via email that she was "mean to my mom and spoke disrespectful to her in front of my friends" and that the punishment made her realize she doesn't want such an embarrassing image plastered all over Facebook.

What do you think? Did the mother go too far? Or was the punishment just? Either way, her form of cyber-discipline wasn't nearly as extreme as what this gun-toting dad did.

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