Sometimes when you're strapped for cash, you're willing to do the unthinkable. Or you're so hard up that you just plain flat out don't think at all. Such is the case with Keithan Manuel, an 18-year-old in Dallas County who tried to mug a cop IN a police station.

Police Chief Victor Kemp said, "You hear of those 'world's dumbest criminals' every once in a while but you never think it's gonna happen in your city."

With a white towel over his hands, Keithan realized he'd made a HUGE mistake and tried to convince the policewoman he was checking on a warrant before issuing this last resort statement: "You do know I have a gun."

When he was interviewed by a local TV news station, Keithan stated, "Man, I play like that all the time, I didn't think she would take it seriously." Trust us, Keithan -- cops have the WORST sense of humor of any profession on Earth.

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