Keith Apicary is a character created by comedian Nathan J. Barrett. The rabid video game fanboy is known for YouTube clips featuring the hilarious mischief he makes at video game and comic book conventions.

In a new video from Flo Rida (who is a character created by musician Tramar Dillard), Apicary takes a trip down to Miami Beach and gets the VIP treatment at the local clubs. Watch Apicary get down in 'Let it Roll.'

Models. Bottles. Capri Sun. That's what you get when Keith Apicary rocks the party.

Apicary's enthusiastic dancing has long been part of his shtick. In fact, earlier this year he trolled a Kimberly Cole music video audition with his unique moves. While he didn't snag that role, clearly Flo Rida was impressed enough to cast the prankster in 'Let it Roll.' Check out the notorious Kimberly Cole clip below.