Nathan Barnatt is probably familiar to fans of the Upright Citizens Brigade, and beloved by classic video game fans for his Keith Apicary character. Keith is a completely clueless nerd who loves two things: video games and dancing. He's instantly recognizable to meme fans...but not, apparently, to a professional news organization which has paid fact checkers to keep them from being fooled like this.

This all started when Barnatt crashed a dance audition in character and the video hit the Internet, appalling dancers and cracking up everyone else. So, KTLA, a respected local Los Angeles TV affiliate, sent out a reporter to interview him...completely unaware they were speaking to an actor.

There's a wonderful moment when Apicary realizes that A) this is going out live, and B) this poor reporter has absolutely no idea who he short, he's given a moment comedians only dream of, and runs with it. Our favorite moment might be when he compliments the newscaster on looking like a video game character, and she claims to "hear that all the time."

What makes this especially funny is that Barnatt has worked steadily in film, television, and commercials for years. If you enter "Keith Apicary" into Google, his Wikipedia entry is the second result. So KTLA's got nobody to blame but themselves for this one, and Barnatt is, yet again, the Internet's hero.

If you want more Apicary, here's his rap tribute to an obscure console from the '90s: