A certain vintage of van gets a bad reputation. When you see a van without windows on the side from the '70s or '80s you think serial killer or child molester or, at best, the riverside home of an over-enthusiastic motivational speaker.

However sometimes good things happen in these vehicles. Like this charming back of a van discussion between Joseph Gordon-Levitt and 'The Office's' Rainn Wilson.

Their chat begins when Wilson lures JGL into the van with candy. It's very hot in there, and the pair have to cake each other with makeup to prevent viewer-distracting glistening.

After a disagreement about the merits of camels, the two get a little more serious and talk about creativity, and if there is such a thing as an original idea. Gordon-Levitt makes the argument that all ideas are original, which he links to his open-collaborative production company hitRECord.org.

It's all part of Rainn Wilson's web series Metaphysical Mondays. Check out other episodes, in which 'The Office' star talks to Blake Griffin, Deepak Chopra and more.

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