If you've been waiting to see how Joseph Gordon-Levitt does at pretending he's young Bruce Willis when 'Looper' comes out next month, you'll probably be pretty pleased to see that when he's in (sort of) 8-bit graphics he kind of looks like he could maybe be the guy. And we only know that because Deepack Chetty made an 8-bit video game mock up for the movie so we know that now.

We aren't sure if 'Looper' is going to be good or not, but at least this video has got a sense of humor -- it really simplifies what we think the plot of the movie might be based on that one time we sort of half-paid attention to the trailer while we were trying to turn off our phone in the theater. Plus, it's got classic old-school video game music.

The "game" comes up with several good taglines, but perhaps our favorite is, "To survive, you have to not kill yourself." Very true, Deepak. Very true.

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