By now, every die-hard 'Batman' fan has heard the rumor that Joseph-Gordon Levitt will don the mask of the Dark Knight to fight crime alongside Henry Cavill's 'Superman' for the 'Justice League' movie that's set to premiere in 2015.

The rumor was given life thanks to HitFix's Drew McWeeny and all things considered, it does make sense. After all, Christian Bale won't return as Batman unless Christopher Nolan does too, and Gordon-Levitt in the tights would be a nice continuation of 'The Dark Knight Rises' since (spoiler alert!) his character Blake is revealed to be named Robin and is the heir to the Batman legacy. Also, if DC is looking to rival Marvel's 'Avengers' tie-ins with their own movies, this is one way to do so.

However, while Gordon-Levitt is an excellent actor, it's a little too soon for a new Batman to grace the movie screens, especially one that isn't Bruce Wayne. Despite the growly voice, audiences are very fond of Bale as Batman and while we know he won't return without Nolan, it's still hard to give up his version of The Caped Crusader.

If the rumor is true, Joseph Gordon-Levitt will have some very big shoes to fill because let's face it, Christian Bale was one of the best actors who played Batman. He will constantly be compared to Bale, so he should prepare to really bring his all to the role. Furthermore, Snyder and his writers should concentrate on making 'Justice League' one of the best movies in order to woo the die-hard Christian Bale fans to their side and to make a tie-in worthy of standing alongside Nolan's amazing trilogy.

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