According to Jimmy Kimmel, Johnny Depp has more impersonators than anyone else in Hollywood. We're not sure if that's true, but there is no doubt that all of Depp's eclectic roles have given anybody who is imitating the superstar quite the oppurtunity to play dress up.

In fact, during his appearance on Kimmel, Depp fielded questions from impersonators impeccably dressed as Jack Sparrow, Willy Wonka, Barnabas Collins from 'Dark Shadows' and Edward Scissorhands. Check it out.

The most notable of the inquiries came from Edward Scissorhands, who asked Depp a plot question about that movie.

"I'm not sure I've seen that film," Depp responded. Then he added that he doesn't usually watch movies he's been in.

"That probably means you've only seen three Tim Burton movies," Kimmel quipped, in reference to the fact director Tim Burton often casts Depp in his movies. Depp is actually starring in Burton's latest film, 'Dark Shadows,' which hits theaters Friday.

The segment ended with Depp looking at more versions of his most famous character, only now as sketches on the red hot mobile app Draw Something.

But we have to say, after watching the 49-year-old actor still rocking the tinted shades, vest and mildly British accent during his appearance on 'Kimmel,' the best Johnny Depp impersonator out there may well be Johnny Depp himself.