'The Hunger Games' looks like it's on its way to set box office records, as thousands lined up late last night to watch the premiere of the highly-anticipated film adaptation of Suzanne Collins' young adult novel.

But many, like Jimmy Kimmel, have noticed the title's resemblance to a popular board game from the '80s. Watch below to find out which one. 

It's 'Hungry, Hungry Hippos,' the classic Milton Bradley table top game where you play as ravenous semi-aquatic mammals. It was bad enough the teen tributes in Panem had to fight to death, but when giant plastic hippos with a taste for human flesh are added to the mix it becomes a real horror show. Don't remember Hungry, Hungry Hippos? This old commercial may jolt your brain.

Jimmy also poked fun at the movie's grime tone in his monologue. "Just once I'd like to see a movie about the future where everybody just hangs out at Applebees and has a good time and flies home in jetpacks," Kimmel quipped.