Since fashion moves quickly and doesn't take a summer break the first day of school is a stressful one for any clothes-conscious youngster.

Jimmy Kimmel plays off this anxiety in his latest hilarious YouTube challenge to parents.  

In the video, Kimmel asks parents to get their kids ridiculous duds and then record their reaction to being told that was what they would be wearing when they returned to school.

The go-to move among the parents in the video is getting a boy girls' clothing. (And also not turning their phone sideways when they record the reaction.)

However, there were some pretty funny deviations from this script, most prominently a mom with a very Minnesotan accent who tries to convince her four skeptical boys that everybody is going to be dressing like Jesus this school year.

"Who the heck is Jimmy Kimmel?," says one little girl after her mother informs her the late night host is the reason she is currently wearing a ridiculous pink tutu.

"So this is all just to get a little laugh," the girl continues, after mom explains the prank. "Really . . . I hate Jimmy Kimmel."

"Hate" -- music to any prankster puppetmaster's ears.