Jimmy Fallon is mostly a rock guy. But sometimes the situation just calls for a slow jam. And that time is news time.

With the help NBC stablemate Brian Williams and his house band 'The Roots,' Fallon used his most seductive singing voice to break down Barack Obama's recent decision to accept super PAC money.

Well, we learned a lot there. It seems Barack Obama, who used to oppose super PACs,  is now encouraging them to fund raise on his behalf. According to the slow jam, the President justifies his switch in position by arguing he needs to accept super PAC funds since the Republican who will run against him in the 2012 election will be accepting them.

We also learned that super PACs are a lot sexier than they would seem at first blush. And that Brian Williams (or BriWi, as Fallon calls him) will do, say and sing things that Walter Cronkite would never have imagined. But we sort of already knew that about Williams.