Paul Rudd and Jimmy Fallon didn't cause much of a buzz at the Oscars this year, but they probably could have if any of these fake movies became a reality. In a recent sketch on 'Late Night with Jimmy Fallon,' Paul and Jimmy reminisce on making their (fake) films together while looking back at some hilarious movie posters.

Jimmy Kimmel isn't the only late night talk show host with fantastic movie ideas. Fallon and his writers weighed in with some hilarious movies of their own, covering all the bases that the Academy typically looks for when considering a film for an Oscar. Combine these fantastic ideas with the creative comedic genius of Paul Rudd, and you have a recipe for Hollywood gold. If only we could get Adam Sandler to throw some of his money at films like these rather than the box office flops that he has been honored for in the past.

Check out some of these hilarious movie posters and clips of the duo unveiling their masterpieces below.