It's only fitting that after the 2012 Oscars, Jimmy Kimmel would debut a trailer for the most epic, star-studded movie of all-time. It's over eight minutes long, stars 2012 Oscar nominees George Clooney, Gary Oldman, and Meryl Streep plus Matt Damon, Jessica Alba, Samuel L. Jackson, Charlize Theron, Tom Hanks, Cameron Diaz and Gabourey Sidibe as Black Hitler (who threatens Earth while riding on a meteor). It is, as Kimmel himself put it, the "greatest movie ever made."

Except, of course, it wasn't ever made. But luckily we have this trailer, which promises to give you everything you've ever wanted from a movie. And that includes a judge (Charlize Theron) firing a shotgun at Robo-Lawyer (Tom Hanks) who's firing a laser cannon back at her. And it all takes place on a boat. On a plane. A soul plane. With snakes on it. OK, enough teasing, just watch the hilarious 'Jimmy Kimmel Live!' video below and hope that the Academy just hires Kimmel to host next year's show.

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