Recently, Michelle Obama said that she was willing to make "a complete fool" of herself to promote her Let's Move initiative, which encourages kids to be active. That was music to Jimmy Fallon's ears, since, as he says, he already makes a fool of himself every night.

So the 'Late Night' host trotted over to the White House and challenged the First Lady to a fitness competition that had the potential to make them both look quite silly.

As you can see, Fallon looked over-matched during the push up portion of the showdown, but recovers quite nicely in tug of war. (Did Michelle cheat by getting extra help from Secret Service?)

So it all came down to the potato sack race. Fallon seemed headed for victory, as the theme from 'Chariots of Fire' played. However his final hop failed him, and Michelle nipped him at the finish line. Which is probably for the best, as everyone in the White House knows that losing out to Michelle Obama in a potato sack race is a one-way ticket to an instant IRS audit.

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