As we learned when we unearthed his 'Saturday Night Live' audition tape earlier this week, Jimmy Fallon has always been a whiz at impressions. So it would seem appropriate that when fellow 'SNL' alum Amy Poehler visited him on 'Late Night' that the two would engage in some celebrity mimicry.

To make things interesting on that front, they played a game called "five second impressions." The rules of which are pretty simple: one player calls out a celebrity and the other has five seconds to do a passable impersonation of said celebrity. If  that player is unable to, they will die. (Hypothetically, of course.) See how they did below.

Despite claiming that she's terrible at impressions, Poehler's Courteney Cox is actually pretty good. Fallon's John Goodman, on the other hand -- let's just say even great mimics like Fallon need practice sometimes.

These were the only two impressions the pair did on air, but apparently one time they got together and played the game for two hours. Now that's a video we'd like to see.