Jim Meskimen can do a pretty good Morgan Freeman impersonation. That's not big deal, as there are many impressionists out there who can imitate Freeman's distinctive tone. But Meskimen took his Freeman act to another level by reading a series of haikus in Freeman's voice that Freeman could have written himself. Check it out.

"They say I could read the phone book/but I think you would beg me to stop," Meskimen reads in his first Freeman haiku, following the poetry form's rule of 17 syllables.

Then he goes on with more Freeman-oriented musing about winning an Oscar, helping Barack Obama become president and what happens when stuntmen fall down at home. It's pretty funny stuff, although many of the jokes take a moment or two to sink in.

By the end of the performance, you are left hoping Freeman eventually narrates a movie in strictly haiku form. It could be about a female boxer who escapes prison and falls in love with a penguin. This actually has to happen.

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