Nintendo's 'Pokemon' was an inescapable cartoon and video game franchise in the late '90s. It's still popular to this day, but there are some fans for whom the original series remains a classic. Meet Brizzy Voices, a voice actress based in New York and clearly a Pokemon fan, for she will leave you stunned with her voice impressions.

Although fans will argue over the number of Pokemons out there (over 400 by our count), according to Brizzy, these are the original 151. Yup, watch Brizzy do a 151 animated voices in under 7 minutes. (Heads up: If you never liked Jigglypuff, you may want to turn your speakers down.)

Needless to say, her video has gone viral with over 700,000 views so far -- most of which are from fellow Pokemon lovers who are in awe of the girl's incredible talent. Think you can do better?

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