Over the past week, New York Knicks' point guard Jeremy Lin has electrified New York City and the NBA. Lin is one of the only Harvard graduates to ever play in the league, and is the first American-born player of Chinese descent to suit up. But what's really fueling what is now being called "Linsanity" is the 6 foot 3 inch ballhandler's play on the court.

Until last Sunday Lin was a reserve who'd barely seen any game action. But that changed when he came off the bench to spark the Knicks to a win over the New Jersey Nets. Lin was made a starter after that surprise performance, and since then he has almost single-handedly led the Knicks -- who have struggled all year -- to four straight victories.

With Lin fascination reaching a Tim Tebow-like pitch, folks are digging into the instant-superstars past for more information. Now, an old video of Lin has emerged. Yes, he's doing "The Dougie," the dance that rappers Cali Swag District popularized a couple years back.

In Lin's defense, "The Dougie" was a much more acceptable dance back in 2010, when the video was shot. Also, he was a rookie, and NBA rookies are often forced to do degrading things. Furthermore, he's pretty good. We'd take his Dougie over Wolf Blitzer's any day of the week. Although Wolf still gets an A for effort.

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