The latest evidence for the fact that Academy Award winner Jennifer Lawrence has the public going "Fifty Shades of Cray" is that clothes worn by her 'Silver Linings' character, Tiffany, have been auctioned off for an eye-watering $12,000.

The dealer estimated the items would raise between $500 and $1,500 but the prices they reached far exceeded expectation. The highest grossing item was the full-length winter coat Lawrence wears throughout the movie. It sold for $4,652 in the three-day online auction.

This was closely followed by the custom-tailored white leggings Jen sports during the movie’s pivotal ballroom dance scene which sold for $3,493, and a combo of teal sports bra and blue long- sleeved shirt for $3,175. A black tank top that did not even make it into the final cut sold for $624.

This may be puzzling to those of you who haven’t yet seen the movie. Leggings, sports bra, tank top -- you’re probably thinking this sounds like a very strange mix. Well, to recap for those uninitiated into the joys of 'Silver Linings,' Jennifer Lawrence’s character spends the majority of her screen time jogging or dancing. TheFW would like to stress and clarify this point. Yes, that’s right, these clothes, that fetched enough money to buy a car, were none other than J- Law’s workout wardrobe. Perspiration has never been so valuable.

Then again, this is the woman who has spawned a following of “Lawsbians” and who pulled off falling over on Oscar night and even seemed to enjoy her trip. Still, we'd like to remind you that while you could conceivably purchase her clothes, you will never actually be her friend.

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