With the much anticipated release of 'The Hunger Games' only hours away, there is nobody as hot right now as the movie's star Jennifer Lawrence. The 21-year-old stopped by 'Late Night With Jimmy Fallon' on Wednesday to promote the film, and what better way to do that than with a good old-fashioned "random object three point contest."

The rules of the game are simple. Lawrence and Fallon wanted to see how many random objects -- a mannequin head, a slinky, a bucket of KFC chicken and a McDonald's Shamrock Shake in this case -- they could shoot into a basketball hoop from the three-point range.

As you can see, both competitors stumbled with the mannequin head, slinky and chicken. (See, there is a reason the NBA uses a ball.) However, just when the exercise was beginning to look futile, Lawrence put the Shamrock Shake through the hoop. Then so did Fallon.

So they needed a new random object to settle the score. And that object was a Katniss-approved crossbow. Some how Jennifer Lawrence was able to get the clunky weapon in the basket, making her the victor. Now we know her 'Hunger Games' training actually does come in handy.