Being an Instagram rock star is glamorous. But just like actual rock stars have people doing the ugly work behind the scenes, so too do these social media icons.

This new video, called "Instagram Husband," details the poor fellas tasked with taking all the photos that wind up on the photo sharing app.

As we're told, "Behind every cute guy on Instagram is a guy like me...and a brick wall," while one other guy sums it up by saying, "I'm basically a human selfie stick."

This understated video hits the nail on the head, poking fun at how obsessed some people have gotten with taking photos of their feet and their food, all while getting so caught up in snapping away that it takes an eternity to leave the house.

The people at The Mystery Hour, a comedy show based in Springfield, Mo., are the geniuses behind the clip. And we give them credit for being totally committed to the bit because they also created

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