The creative folks at Improv Everywhere are great at pulling off pranks on a public scale. For their latest stunt, the troupe turned a mini-golf course into a major golf championship. Yes, they surprised random mini-golfers with caddies, ESPN commentators and a camera crew. The "winner" was even presented with the actual Claret Jug from The Open Championship!

The Claret Jug trophy was going to be in New York on a publicity tour in advance of the championship and ESPN offered it to Improv Everywhere as a prop in a mission, giving them creative control to do with it whatever they wanted to. The sports network loved the mini-golf idea, and agreed to produce the video with their professional camera crew, making the whole stunt more epic in scale.

Naturally all the attention pulled a crowd normally not seen at your local mini-golf course. Watch who won the coveted trophy in this well-executed stunt featuring actual ESPN personality Jorge Andres, who uses his pro-skills in interviewing these 'pro' golfers.