Improv Everywhere

Improv Everywhere Strikes
It's something only Improv Everywhere could accomplish -- going on to a subway car, making a huge ruckus and not annoying every single person on the train. This time, the team set up a late night-style talk show, complete with desk, comfy chair, backdrop and band. Technically the band was just …
Improv Everywhere Creates Black Friday Buzz for Dollar Store
Black Friday brings out some of the most hilariously strange antics of us Americans. On Thanksgiving we give thanks for all the great stuff in our lives, and just hours later, we're waiting in massive lines and getting in spats with fellow consumers over the latest deals on video games. That&ap…
Improv Everywhere Takes Party to the Beach
The lighthearted pranksters at Improv Everywhere held their Third Annual Black Tie Beach affair over the weekend. Participants wore formal clothes and went to the beach, despite the fact that a soaking wet ballgown seems like a bit of a drowning hazard.