Nature straight up does not care that we are nowhere near recovering from the devastation of Hurricane Sandy. Winter Storm Athena is on her way to kick us square in the jollies. Promising snow, rain, "pellets of ice" (everyone's favorite), and gusts of wind up to 60 mph, this is going to suck majorly. Parts of New Jersey and New York City that were evacuated for Sandy last week are once again being evacuated, thanks to possible flooding.

We personally think "Winter Storm Athena" has got an appropriately terrifying ring to it, but the National Weather Service has asked everyone, including The Weather Channel (who named the storm), to please stop calling it that, saying that they don't name winter storms in a rather curt letter.

The Weather Channel doesn't seem to be backing down -- Athena is their top story right now. It's a pretty bold move -- standing up to a government agency. Who knew a bunch of meteorologists had it in them?

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