Wow, can this dog eat!

Benno, a Belgian Malinois, somehow survived after he ate 23 live rounds of ammo.

Benno, who has a history of eating everything from spare change to air filters to a TV remote, scarfed down the .308 caliber ammunition last month after his owner, Sonny Brassfield, of Mountain Home, Ark., left several rounds in a bag while moving some into cans.

The next morning, Brassfield and his wife woke up to find Benno had vomited and noticed the ammo in the pile of puke.

They rushed him to the vet, where X-rays revealed all the bullets he had packed away. After determining none of the bullets were toxic, doctors operated for two hours, during which time they removed 16 live rounds, as well as one shell.

Two more rounds were found in Benno's esophagus, but doctors elected not to remove them, electing instead if he could threw them up or pass them on his own. He managed to pass both within about a week.

Most importantly, Benno is expected to be fine.

The doctor said it was a memorable experience, adding, "There were lots of jokes being told during the surgery. He could have gone up in smoke, could have gone out with a bang. Oh, there were lots of jokes."

Brassfield, meanwhile, says the pooch is quite a challenge. "You can baby proof a house, but I don't think it's possible to Benno-proof a house," he said." Lord knows, we've tried and failed."