Admit it: your Facebook feed, like the U.S. itself, is in total upheaval.

Ever since Donald Trump stunned, well, just about everyone to become president, the country has been dealing with a wide range of emotions. Half the country is furious and frightened, while other half is ready to embrace the change Trump promised on the campaign trail.

A Trump presidency is the talk on social media. Never have you seen more people fill out status updates that include "See More" because they've written so much, whether for or against Trump.

You know what we're saying. Your Facebook feed has become your own personal CNN panel, with everyone you know spewing the thoughts racing through their heads. If you supported Hillary Clinton, you are probably agitated reading the words from people defending Trump. If you're for Trump, you're no doubt ticked off by the comments from the pro-Clinton camp. The same thing that makes social media so wonderful is also the same thing that makes it so infuriating: the open exchange of ideas and right to free expression.

That's why you may have decided it's time to unfriend some folks whose political beliefs make as much sense to you as advanced calculus.

Odds are you haven't cleaned house like Trump is going to do once he's sworn in, though. After all, most of the people on our social media pages are ones with whom we tend to see eye-to-eye. That's why we agreed to be their friends. But we all have those friends whose ideologies don't align with our own and this election has clearly stretched these online relationships to limits to rubber band band lengths.

Then again, maybe you're the person who's aggravating people. How many times have you been unfriended since the election?

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