A dog is man's best friend and man is dog's best friend, too.

An Iva, S.C. man whose home was destroyed by fire has elected to live outside rather than go to a shelter that would not take in his dog, named Manse Jolly.

Jeffrey "Boe" Sievers' house went up in flames about three months and he has no insurance or money to help build a new home. When it came to a decision to live in a shelter without his beloved dog, it was a no-brainer for the 57-year-old Sievers.

You have to take care of your baby. He's my baby. He's a good baby."

So, the pair are living amidst the remains of Sievers' home, hardly an ideal situation, but one that Sievers has embraced.

Cold weather is coming, though, and a neighbor created a GoFundMe page to help him rebuild his home.

Sievers, 57, has no insurance and no savings to help rebuild. Until that time, Sievers and Manse Jolly will brave it together. "He crawls up into my sleeping bag. I tell you what, he's a little heater," Sievers said.

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