Little miss Alana Thompson is at it again. Dear ol’ Honey Boo Boo is unknowingly cracking us up again with her Southern kid ‘tude and sassy faces.

The geniuses over at Screen Junkies are the ones responsible for this hilarious shenanigan. Recently, we watched Christopher Walken and his fellow 'Seven Psychopaths' castmates recite lines from the TLC show. This time around, the tables have turned.

Mama June and Honey Boo Boo are taking on famous Christopher Walken lines, and the "gogo juice" master herself isn’t talking about her mom’s famous “sketti” recipe anymore. Instead, Alana starts off strong with a super sassy “okey dokey artichokey!” from 'Balls of Fury.' In all seriousness, Walken has some stiff competition creepin’ up on him!

According to Mama, the respected actor uses a lot of "dem big fenagly words," which makes their hilarious reenactments even more priceless.

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