You're probably familiar with viral video star the Honey Badger. Frozen yogurt chain Red Mango is hoping the fearless critter who takes what it wants will do the same for their frozen treats.

The yogurt chain has just launched a limited edition low-fat frozen yogurt flavor called "Honey Badger." In keeping with its inspiration's legendary nonchalance, the promotions tagline is "Try it…or not. We don't care."

Red Mango has also paid tribute to the Honey Badger's internet roots by promoting their new flavor only on social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram.

We wanted to show the true power and influence of our social media audience by speaking directly to them with our brand new flavor, and letting them decide where to take the message," said Dan Kim, founder and chief concept officer of Red Mango, Inc. "The reaction has been huge and, once again, it shows the reach that consumers have to share the love."

Of course there aren't any actual honey badgers in Red Mango's Honey Badger flavor. Anyone who has seen the video knows trying to capture one of the ferocious beasts would result in you becoming a snack.

As for what the Honey Badger thinks about being used as a corporate mascot? We're pretty sure he's completely indifferent.

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