If you thought the honey badger was indifferent to the ramifications of his actions, you need to meet the Cuban Honey Badger. This guy really don't care.

Osmin Hernandez, aka 'The Cuban Honey Badger,"  is the star of nuvoTV's "OPERATION: Osmin," which follows his exploits as a personal trainer with somewhat psychotic motivational techniques.

Randall, the silver-tongued fellow who narrated the original Honey Badger viral video, is back to tell the story of Hernandez. The language is NSFW, which is what happens when you have a subject matter whose defining characteristic  is not giving a, well, you'll have to watch below.

After watching that video, we can safely say Hernandez would not be our choice as a personal trainer. Although he's antics are quite entertaining. (Well, entertaining if you operate under the assumption he didn't really bury that woman alive.)

In fact, we'd love to see Hernandez square off against the original honey badger. Randall would do the play-by-play, of course.

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