If this doesn't sum up the era we live in, nothing does.

A picture of a group of 500 people in Orlando trying to take a selfie with their backs to Hillary Clinton quickly went viral. The photo of the mass photo was taken by Barbara Kinney, a photographer on the Clinton campaign.

So, who exactly were these people? They couldn't fit into a room at a campaign event for Clinton, so they were placed into a different location. Kinney said it was a spectacular thing to see. “It was pretty amazing to be there and capture it,” says Kinney.

As for how the selfie came about, well, that was Clinton's idea, says Kinney. She said the Democratic presidential nominee, "stood up on the podium and said, 'Okay everybody, turn around and we’ll do a group selfie.'"

The fact a selfie would generate such buzz should come as no surprise. You all remember this one, don't you?

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