If you grew up on '90s Nickelodeon cartoons, the gang over at Dr.Coolsex Comedy is going to blow your mind. They have taken your animated memories, made them live-action and twisted them so far around, your innocence will be lost. And this time the target is the wacky gang from 'Hey Arnold!'

What would happen if Nickelodeon’s beloved cartoon was turned into a creepy live-action psychological thriller? Sure, Arnold’s head is a normal size and that’s less disturbing, but the rest of this funny spoof will destroy any comforting nostalgia you ever had for the show. Check out the trailer, which is NSFW for some very adult themes, below.

Last year, the DrCoolSex gang gave us an equally hilarious trailer for a live-action ‘Doug’ movie that was never actually in the works. We saw all our favorite characters, but as adults with grown-up problems. Will we ever forget the shot of Patti with a pregnancy test? Sacrilege! Check it out below.

After Funny or Die's equally creepy live-action 'Rugrats,' we officially no longer have a childhood. What cartoon will these pranksters tackle next? Perhaps a horror movie starring 'The Angry Beavers'?