Oh Honey Boo Boo, let down your pink hair! In this week’s episode of 'Here Comes Honey Boo Boo,' Alana and her mom hit the shops for a new wig to wear to the pageants, Sugar Bear assembles a tarp like contraption that we are assured is a pool, and the family enjoys a 4th of July fireworks spectacular.

But let’s get into it. We rejoin our favorite flatulent family at Shh, it’s a Wig (an actual real wig store), where June and the family shop to help her get "beautimous" for her pageant scene. But don’t tell anyone, shhhh it’s a wig.

The appointment quickly spirals out of control with the family trying on a series of increasingly ridiculous wigs, culminating in June trying on a blonde wig that left Sugar Bear wanting in on the chin action. The family strikes out, but June assures us that this is going to be their spot for Halloween. Be afraid, be very afraid...

Flash forward to a few days later and we find the girls passed out in front of a fan in their living room stuffing their faces. Apparently Georgia in the summertime is a couple of degrees shy of the surface of the sun, and these ladies are doing what they can to keep from bursting into flames. Enter Sugar Bear and his flat bed carrying...a pool!  The family rejoices over the new yard oasis, as Sugar Bear concedes he’s installing it for peace and quiet on his time off.  (Godspeed on that one...) Naturally his doting woman, June, has just as much confidence in his pool building skills as you’d imagine, and chaos ensues. Thankfully, a few hours and some television magic later, and pool construction is complete. Sugar Bear predicts this pool will last about 2 months before his dear children destroy it. Moving on!

It’s time to eat, and the family heads to a BBQ house to fill their gullets. As expected, Honey Boo Boo orders every animal in the joint, and expresses her frustration at the fact that she can’t have more meat for sides. Then, just as we’re watching a carnivorous montage, one of June’s children drops a dilly of a pickle on her plate. “Mom, why are you so scared of being married to Sugar Bear?” she says. June answers simply, “relationships come and go but my children are forever.” We then learn that Alana is the only child shared between the two, but Sugar Bear considers them all his own. Awww!

Continuing on with our holiday weekend, and the family heads over to a friends house with a lot of property for a fish fry (of course) and some horse riding and 4x4 action. After finishing their meal, the family hops aboard their rides to head down to the store, because apparently there is a “roll up in a non-street safe vehicle and check out our sale” sale. Turns out the Wilkinson county department store is a dumpster, and our family is about to go diving. Charming!

Last up, it’s time for some holiday fireworks. Mama June assures us that the South loves a good show, and she rounds up the family to head to a lake for a beach day before the action. After a delightful moment putting lives in jeopardy by distracting the life guard, the crew gears up for the lakeside fireworks display and takes in the glorious rain of colorful fire.

And that wraps it up. Come back next week for more country fried crazy!