Popular make-up artist, Nikkie, comes at us with another fantastic tutorial. However, this one is accompanied by an intense spin that frankly we never imagined. Her videos on YouTube gather over 25 million views, therefore, it seems perfect that she was the one approached for this ad.

Hey ladies trying to make yourselves look oh, so perfect at all times through out the day? Well, Nikkie's got some tips, and some friends to back it.

Shocking, isn't it? As much as your jaw might have dropped in watching Nikkie's face come crashing towards the camera, it's hard to argue anything other than the ad is truly effective.

If you couldn't figure it out before the crash there seems to be little clues as to the true nature of the ad. For example, the camera angles when Nikkie begins applying her make up. They are strikingly similar to that of a rearview mirror, no?

And then comes the noise. The crash that tells us all this is not a make-up advertisement.

According to The Telegraph, "500,000 road crashed are caused by women drivers applying make-up." And from the ad agency:

More than 500,000 car accidents in the UK have been caused by women applying makeup. With safety being one of Volkswagen's top priorities, they wanted to shed light on the issue and alert women of this serious issue. Nikkie...applies makeup until she is suddenly flung towards the camera - similar to a video of a car accident. We uploaded the video to Nikkie's channel and it has since spread to other major social networks."

The great minds at Volkswagen brought us this one, which was recently the recipient of a Cyber Gold Lion award at Cannes. Not too bad, huh?

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