It had been quite a run for the Carly Rae Jepsen hit 'Call Me Maybe.' But the hold the song of the summer once had on shower-singers and lip-synchers everywhere has faded as the weather has turned cold.

However, the Canadian singer's earworm got a bit of a reprise last night at the recording of  Comedy Central's 'Night of Too Many Stars.'

Among the luminaries in attendance was veteran tough guy actor Harvey Keitel and -- wouldn't you know it? -- he got up on stage with Jepsen to duet her hit.

Keitel's stilted delivery of the tune was quite Walken-esque, if you ask us. But entertaining for sure.

The theme of 'Night of Too Many Stars' was "America comes together." To drive this point home the stage was full of odd pairings, such as Keitel and Jepsen.

The show will air on October 21st and benefit autism. But for now you can take a blast to the recent past and listen to some of our other favorite 'Call Me Maybe' covers.

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