Between high gas prices, insurance costs and traffic that makes you question the wisdom of ever leaving your home, driving can make anyone angry.

Except this woman.

Diane Hammell, of Stewartville, Minn., is the self-proclaimed owner of the happiest car in America. That's because she has, by her own estimate, adorned her Honda Civic with some 265 happy face stickers. As she told KWWK, in Rochester, Minn, she keeps the good vibes going once she gets in the car, too, with another 500 smiley-face items inside, ranging from stuffed animals to bobbleheads.

Alan Reed, TSM Rochester
Alan Reed, TSM Rochester

Naturally, Hammell's license plate reads "SMILEE1." What else could it possibly be, right? She's so proud of the car that it even has its own Facebook page.

Hammell, who says her goal in life is to make people happy, may also have the happiest house in America. She says she has one room that holds about 30,000 items with smiley faces on them.

Somewhere, you can be sure, Pharrell is smiling because someone is so happy.