The internet continues on its path to cuteness-fueled self-destruction. This whole thing got started with Bentley the fussy bulldog. Then Trotter, another bulldog, showed up wearing a variety of hats and looking rather morose. After that, TWIN BABIES WERE DOING SYNCHRONIZED DANCING. And now, two tiny hamsters trying to run in a hamster wheel at the same time and flying all over the place? What's next, an actual talking pony?!

We sincerely hope this video doesn't get co-opted by the corporate world to demonstrate the importance of teamwork, but it very likely could. These two hamsters can't get their act together on their exercise wheel, and as a result, there is much mayhem in their little hamster cage.

It's hamsters spinning around and flying all over the place. If they were children it would be terrifying, but they're hamsters so it's just completely adorable instead.