The official "TOO VIOLENT FOR TV???" trailer for 'Sharknado' came out today. What's 'Sharknado?'

To quote the original trailer: "Sharknado. Enough Said." It's a tornado made of sharks. AND the movie stars Ian Ziering (!), Tara Reid (!!) and John Heard (THAT'S RIGHT, THE DAD FROM 'HOME ALONE'!!!!!!!!!!). How fantastic is this film, made by the same people who created 'Mega Shark vs. Giant Octopus,' going to be? Here are some of our favorite moments from the trailer.

The moment when we realized this movie stars Tara Reid AND Ian Ziering

Tara Reid and Ian Ziering

When Ian Ziering launches himself into the air, chainsaw in hand, into the mouth of an oncoming shark.

Chainsaw Leap

When a shark falling out of the sky get shot with a giant shotgun.

Shark Gun

The actual Sharknado:


When Ian Ziering slices a shark in half with a chainsaw just before it can fall out of the sky and murderlize him.

Sharknado Chainsaw

Let's really take a moment to appreciate this one:

Sharknado Chainsaw Slow Mo

Seriously, what could be better than 'Sharknado'?

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