Sylvia Miller of Ohio may be 82-years-old, but that doesn't mean she's an easy mark for thieves. Last Wednesday, the spry octogenarian actually chased down a criminal who had snatched her purse. Go, granny!

Miller was heading back to her car after a shopping trip to Wal-mart when she noticed three women trailing her. One of them grabbed her purse and ran off.

Undaunted, Miller gave chase and pursued the thief through the parking lot and a nearby field filled with scrub brush. Eventually, the suspect surrendered the purse, which contained $100 and all of Miller's credit cards.

"I wasn't afraid one bit. I didn't even think about it. I thought, 'You're not getting away with it,'" said Miller, who, despite her age, works out daily and even handles all the maintenance on her home and car.

None of the three suspects were apprehended by police, but we bet they rue the day they messed with this crime-fighting granny.

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