This must be watched. Right now. The internet could basically just pack it in and turn off the lights if it wanted to at this point. This (NSFW due to a lil' bit of swearing and an f-bomb written in big block letters for just a sec) video is a mashup of some of the best animated GIFs with sound that a genius Redditor could find. And holy moly is it funny.

If you don't laugh at least once while watching this, you should probably get that checked out, because there may be something wrong with you. Not trying to be rude, we're just expressing concern, because great Googly Moogly, how did you not just laugh at this?

If you're curious about the footage or the songs, you can find a list of them here and enjoy each one in their own individual splendor as well. Sorry if you had anything important planned for your day.