Last October, we wrote a cautionary post about dangerous wild animals invading a golf course in Australia. Well, it seems our greatest golfing fears have come true -- a man in Florida was recently attacked by a giant alligator lurking in a water hazard. We warned you!

Last Wednesday, 75-year-old Albert Miller hooked a shot near a pond at Lake Ashton Golf and Country Club. When he went to retrieve his ball, he suddenly found himself in the jaws of a gigantic nine-foot, 190-pound alligator.

"He had lifted me off the ground about three feet and slammed me down on my back," Miller said. "With that, he started dragging me into the water and I panicked big time."

Fortunately, Miller's friends grabbed him and began a wrestling match with the gator, who eventually let go. Miller escaped without any crippling injuries, but did suffer a wound that required 35-40 stitches to close.

Trappers caught and removed the giant alligator, as well as a six-footer that had made its home on the course. According to wildlife officials, they've heard reports of residents in the area feeding wild alligators, which could account for the attack. Still, Miller said, he bears no one any ill will.

"Right now I can't be angry," he said. "I'm too happy to be alive."