Since Halloween is only a little more than two weeks away, it's high time we all immersed ourselves in something scary and spooky. To that end, we present a truly frightening mashup of the 'Ghostbusters' theme with Psy's monster hit 'Gangnam Style.' You might not think they'd go well together, but somehow they do.

After endless tributes, covers and parodies, it's refreshing to see an actual mashup using the Korean pop star's dance hit. While the instantly-recognizable music of Ray Parker Jr.'s 1984 song plays, Psy provides incomprehensible lyrics and, naturally, copious examples of his patented horsey dance. Alas, we're not given the opportunity to see Bill Murray and his ghostbusting pals try the silly move.

So why are the two songs such a natural fit? It's not entirely clear, but it may something to do with the supernatural staying power of Psy's viral hit. After all, nothing's more terrifying than that.

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