American English speakers might sometimes think that people from England and the various British Isles speak rather weirdly. No matter where you're from, this version of 'Call Me Maybe' by May Arcade will strike the ear oddly indeed.

That's because the acoustic guitar duo from Newcastle upon Tynn use a regional dialect called 'Geordie.' So instead of singing "here's my number, call me maybe' they go 'here's me number, so giz a ring will y'pet?," among other lyrical re-interpretations.

The end result is a unique — but still catchy — version of a song you've probably already heard a nauseating number of times.

The whole 'Call Me Maybe' phenomenon seemed to have been slowing down, but this opens up a whole new angle. Perhaps a Cockney 'Call Me Maybe?" Or maybe one done with a Boston accent?

The possibilities are almost limitless. This song will never die.

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